Get Involved

My work with IFCLA has shown me that there is still lots of work to be done. It has shown me that I can make a difference. It has inspired me to want to attend law school after finishing my undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University.
— Marissa Ornelas, SLU Student, IFCLA Intern


IFCLA is looking for volunteers, interns, practicum students and community service workers to support our work. 

Join a Working Group

IFCLA working groups come together to advocate, discuss and problem solve on issues related to IFCLA and the work it does in the community. Our current Working Groups include:

  • Advisory Committee: Contact Amy De La Hunt at

  • Communications Working Group: Contact Theresa Schafer at

  • Migration Justice Working Group: Contact Sara John at

  • Honduras Solidarity Working Group: Contact Lexie Salamone at

  • Sanctuary Working Group: Contact Sara John at

Internship Options

  • Communication Intern: Focused on improving IFCLA's internal and public communications. This includes social media, drafting position statements, press releases and advisories, messaging outlines for specific actions, letters to the editor, etc. This position requests at least ten hours per week.

  • Migration Justice Intern: Focused on educating the St. Louis community and members of Congress on matters related to migration justice, including issues such as border policing, immigration enforcement, detention, reform and related responses, advocacy and organizing initiatives. This position requests at least ten hours per week.

  • Anti-Militarization Initiatives Intern: Focused on furthering the action of the Honduras Working Group, a group that follows, analyzes and takes local action around the injustice of militarization in Honduras. Developing and supporting additional research, analysis and strategy regarding a wider frame for this work is encouraged. This position requests at least ten hours per week.

Additional Opportunities

  • Join our Board of Directors!

  • Accompaniment Outreach: IFCLA has trained hundreds of individuals in St. Louis in accompanying undocumented individuals to ICE check-ins. Now, we need to continue to spread the word to the immigrant community that this service exists! If you have ideas, contacts, or organizations that might be helpful for communicating this information, please contact us and get involved in this outreach. Contact Sara John at

  • Translation Assistance: We want all our materials at IFCLA to be bilingual! If you are fluent in Spanish and would like to undertake the task of helping us translate our communications, please contact Theresa Schafer at

See IFCLA in Action

Not sure how you want to be involved, but still interested in IFCLA's mission and programs? Come to our next General Meeting, where you can meet Staff and Board Members, hear reports from our Working Groups, and find out how you could fit into the IFCLA community! Check out our Events page for General Meeting information and other events!